My name is Lorena Corzo-Mimbrera and I come from Spain. I have lived in Salzburg since 2013. And I'm the owner and founder of KALMA. I'm a qualified Yoga Teacher (200h YTT) with Yoga Akademie Salzburg since 2017. After that I took other certified Yoga courses like Kids and Teens Yoga (2016) and Baby-Mama Yoga (2017), Health Yoga and Yoga for Depression, Anxiety and Burn Out (2018) and Yin Yoga (2018).


In addition, I'm a registered Reiki Practitioner, a certified Emotional Intelligence and Life Coach (2018) and a recently certified Breathwork Coach (2020).

My healing journey with holistic methods:

I started with yoga many years ago because of personal difficulties and many body injuries that needed to be treated. I chose yoga, reiki and meditation as part of my therapy and they helped me a lot on my journey to heal myself, as they still do nowadays. That is why I am passionate to share my experience and knowledge to others. I want to help people the same way I also got help through these forms and methods. I also want to to show everyone that Yoga is more than Asanas and goes far beyond flexibility; it is about self knowledge, self acceptance and self respect. It's about YOU and nobody else. We all have our own limits, and it's ok, this is why we are all unique and beautiful.


In my yoga lessons, called Reiki-infused Yoga, you can find a mixture of all the disciplines I've learnt and practised, together with coaching techniques focusing on healthy body and mind, self-awareness, self-acceptance and breathing exercises and meditation.

I am a Yoga Teacher from Indonesia and I'm the Co-owner of the Studio. I have lived in Salzburg since 2016, sharing my practice with my flowing yoga style focusing on strength and flexibility.

I have started practising yoga since 2007 as a pastime, but then I realised it was such a big help for my wellbeing during my life journey, finding purpose and peace with myself, that I wanted to share my experience with others, so they can also experience the benefits of yoga beyond the asanas as I did. 

I took my first Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 (250h YTT) in Indonesia. Since then I took a lot of trainings and workshops with many different yoga styles: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga and Tripsichore. 


Therefore now my style is a combination of everything I have learnt. 

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